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LEA Sponsored Event: -LG- versus MCS, 6 on 6!!! Cheer on your favorite LG'ers in taking down Aspasia and BlackDayz!

    LEA Event, MCS Versus -LG-


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    LEA Event, MCS Versus -LG-

    Post by NapalmTwilight on Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:12 pm

    Team MCS
    devlen - LCtown 45:66
    Kreeghor - marble 67:62
    firetod - wizards paradis 46:66
    mobius - theta 46:66
    Aspasia - Epiktetos 34:53
    BlackDayz - Euthalia 35:55 <--note this is one of Aspasia's towns ill be use'n
    [marble 67:62]............ we have no LG close by
    [wizards paradis 46:66 - theta 46:66 LCtown 45:66]..... Mang0 is about 2 hrs from this area..... which is a great landing zone
    [Epiktetos 34:53 - Euthalia 35:55] ............ Purefx is about 1 hr frm this area which is also a good landing point

    -Naplam has already stated he would probably stay back in his area to defend
    - we probably want about 2 ppl in each area to defend which leaves 2 of us to go on O.....
    - Who wants to go on O? better yet who will be on the most to b able to go O and not wory about leavin gthier troops for long periods of time?

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